Free training course!

Limited number of participants

Free training course!

Limited number of participants

The eCommerce Academy for SMEs

The Covid-19 crisis challenged businesses to adopt online strategies to ensure continuity and growth in uncertain times. To unlock growth from your digital transformation, you need the right insights and tools to navigate the online commerce landscape. With UAE-Commerce Academy, you can be on top of your digital game in three steps.

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Get personalized training & mentoring from e-commerce gurus

Upgrade your business & increase business value

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This is what you get

Virtual training in small groups

You and your employees can join the live sessions from anywhere

Personal mentoring

A personal mentor will guide your journey towards improving business performance

Hands-on experience

From day one, you will be working with practical tools that you need to improve your digital performance

Online training in small groups

No matter where you are located, you and your employees can Log in to our live courses from anywhere, and learn everything you need to know without leaving your chair

Personal digital mentoring

We will be there for you all the way. A personal digital mentor will walk you through the ropes of increasing your online sales and improving your business’ performance

Practical training

We’re all about “doing”, from day one. You’ll get the practical tools and hands-on experience you need to start improving your business’ digital presence

From improving your digital marketing to enhancing your online store revenues

16 online sessions,
2 times per week, 3 hours each

Maximize your online store performance

Gain in-depth knowledge of online marketing, using Google, Facebook and Instagram

Learn how to create digital marketing strategy

Build business pages on various social media platforms

Get all the practical tools you need to create, launch, optimize and monitor online marketing campaigns

Course #2 Schedule
16.05.2022 - 06.07.2022
Mondays & Wednesdays 09:00-12:00

Registrations open

Course #1 Call For Applications Closed.

We Are Currently Accepting Applications For Course #2

which will take place in Summer 2022

Course #2 Call For Applications Closed.

Who can apply?

Registered SMEs with 1-50 employees (goods products only) with an online store

About us

The pandemic has posed serious challenges for small- and medium sized businesses; pushing them to adopt new tools, techniques, and mindsets to ensure business continuity and performance. 

We are a coalition of corporates and organizations on a mission to equip businesses with the tools and skills needed to upgrade and thrive in the “new normal”

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No. session Breakdown

Digital Tools for Businesses

1. Intro to Digital Marketing
2. Your marketing funnel
3. Personas & KPIs
4. Digital marketing channels
5. AB testing


6. Organic search
7. The SEO cycle
8. Keywords research & work plan
9. Adwords strategy & account building
10. Campaign definitions & merchant center
11. Adwords campaign building

Social Media & Measurement

12. Facebook & Instagram marketing
13. Content building workshop
14. Facebook eCommerce store
15. Campaigns optimization
16. Google my Business & Analytics