Free training course!

Limited number of participants

Free training course!

Limited number of participants

The eCommerce Academy for SMEs

In the past few years, SMEs have faced many challenges and have been forced to adopt online strategies, in order to overcome them and ensure continuity and growth. In uncertain times of digital transformation, businesses need the right insights and tools to navigate the online landscape. With SkillUp Embark Academy, you can be on top of your digital game in three steps.

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Virtual training in small groups

Live online training alongside other businesses- learning together, sharing knowledge, tips and best practice

Personal digital mentoring

One on One sessions with an expert who will help your online strategy

Practical training

All of the most practical tips and tools you need in order to improve your online performance

From improving your digital marketing to enhancing your online revenues

16 online sessions,
2 times per week, 3 hours each

Maximize your digital presence online
Gain in-depth knowledge of online marketing, using Google, Facebook, Instagram, AI tools & more
Learn how to create and improve your digital marketing strategy
Manage business pages on various social media platforms
Get the practical tools you need to create, launch, optimize and monitor your online marketing campaigns

Cohort #3 schedule
27.04.2023 - 20.06.2023
Tuesdays & Thursdays 09:00-12:00

Opening Soon

Course #1 Call For Applications Closed.

We Are Currently Accepting Applications For Course #2

which will take place in Summer 2022

Who can apply?

Registered SMEs with 1-50 employees (goods products only) with an online store

About us

We are a coalition of corporations and organizations on a mission to equip businesses with the tools and skills needed to upgrade and thrive in the “new normal”.

We believe adopting an agile and curious mindset, and being open to constantly learning and improving along-side technology, are the keys to unlocking continuity, growth and stability.

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Course Syllabus
1. Marketing Fundamentals: Defining Your Business, Ideal Customer, and Marketing Strategy
• Clarifying the business mission, vision, and values
• Identifying and connecting with the target audience
• Conducting competitor research
• Crafting compelling content for online media
• Aligning the business message and story with the audience's needs and interests
• Driving engagement and fostering lasting relationships with the target audience.
2. SEO - Search engine optimization & AI tools: The Power of AI and SEO: Maximizing Your Online Reach
Search Engine Marketing using Organic Methods:
• Understanding the Cycle of SEO
• On-page Optimization Tactics
• Promoting Your Site Quickly
• Keyword Research Techniques

The Latest AI Tools for Marketing Success:
• Understanding the Power of AI in Marketing
• Utilizing AI to Improve Customer Digital Marketing
• The Future of AI in Marketing.
3. SEM – Search engine marketing: Maximizing business visibility with Google Ads
• Navigating the Interface
• Understanding Google Paid Campaigns
• Keyword Strategy: Identifying the Right Terms for Your Campaign
• Organizing Ads with Ad Groups
• Crafting a Winning Campaign: A Sample Campaign Walkthrough
• Boosting Visibility with Smart Shopping Campaigns and Display Ads
• Advanced SEM Techniques and Best Practices.
4. Social Media: creating and executing a successful social media marketing strategy
• Facebook Business Manager
• Running Ads on Facebook and Instagram
• Measuring the Success of Social Media Campaigns
• Optimizing Facebook and Instagram Ads for Maximum ROI
• Understanding the TikTok Algorithm for Better Organic Reach
• Using Analytics to Refine Social Media Marketing Strategies.
• TikTok Organic Growth Strategies